Inspired by their agricultural roots and a dream of working together, sisters Tara Miller and Tessa ‘Miller’ Mohs created Signature Soy.  They wanted to give people access to the same specialty soybean varieties that their father’s family company, Brushvale Seed, Inc., has been making available to several of the top manufacturing companies around the world for decades.

Tessa inherited her father’s passion for soybeans.  She graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Crop and Weed Sciences.  She has received extensive soybean breeding and research training from some of the leading soybean breeders and developers in the country and has traveled abroad on several occasions working to advance new elite soybean varieties.  Tessa has worked for Brushvale Seed, Inc. for the past eleven years and she understands what specifications and characteristics are needed to make great soymilk, tofu, natto and sprout beans.

Tara obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead and has worked primarily in the legal field since graduating.  She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and starting her own business has always been a goal.  She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008 and soon realized that the business she wanted to start would bring her back to her roots.  Signature Soy encompasses both the ability to work closely with her family back home and to promote the high quality soybeans her family has perfected over the years.  Tara has a multitude of experience in the world of e-commerce sales and is excited to manage the business aspects of Signature Soy — keeping her focus on providing the best products, value and service to its customers!